Supermarket/Deli Food Containers

The Complete Package is a nationwide distributor of food containers for supermarkets and delis. These food packaging containers not only are eco-friendly, but they also look great and accentuate the food, which helps supermarkets and delis. Supermarkets and delis across the United States utilize us for our eco-friendly food packaging containers. New York, Long Island, Texas and California are home to some of our biggest clients. New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Boston are some of the biggest cities pushing the green initiative. For more information about our green food packaging containers, please contact us today. We will happily answer any questions or concerns you may have at the moment. When you reach out, we can provide you with more purchasing details.

  • Microwaveable Plastic Noodle Bowls by Kari Out

    Combo's include: Microwaveable Combo's- 12 oz White Noodle Bowl & Lid Microwaveable Combo's- 24 oz White Noodle Bowl & Lid Microwaveable Combo's- 30 oz White Noodle Bowl & Lid Microwaveable Combo's- 30 oz Black Noodle Bowl & Lid Microwaveable Combo's- 36 oz White Noodle Bowl & Lid

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  • Mitili Paper Baking Molds Catalog

    Molds Catalog Catalog

    1 - Tulip Cup - Plain - Stock Item

    2 - Tulip Cup - Plain - Special order

    3 -Tulip Cup - Printed on brown paper - Stock Item

    4 - Lotus Cup - Special Order

    5- Tulip Cup and Lotus cup custom printed - Special order

    6 - Muffin Beaded & Floret - Special order

    7 - Muffin beaded custom printed - Special order

    8 - Muffin tray - Stock Item

    9 - Custom printed muffin trays and cups - Special Order

    10 - Custom tray and divider for Tulip Cup and Lotus Cup - Special order

    11 - Muffincino - Thick Pergamine paper - Special order

    12 - Icacup cardboard mold - Grease-proof resistant - Stock item

    13 - Muffin Top - Grease-proof resistant - Stock item

    14 - Muffin - Panettoncino - Cupcake -Stock item

    15 - Plain Sweedish Grease-proof paper cups - Stock item

    16 - Horizontal line , Swedish Grease-proof paper cups - Stock item

    17 - Tartlet - Icacup Cardboard mold - Grease-proof resistant - Stock item

    18 - Tartlet - beaded mold - Stock item

    19 - Tortine - micro corrugated mold - Stock item

    20 - Tart micro corrugated mold - Stock item

    21 - Tart - beaded mold - Special order

    22 - Round cake, Panettone Basso - Stock item & special order

    23 - Panettone - Brioche - Stock item & Special order

    24 - Plum Cake - micro corrugated mold - Stock item

    25 - Plumpy - for plum cake and meat loaf - beaded mold - Stock item

    26 Fancy micro corrugated mold - Stock item & special order

    27 - F mold

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  • New Compostable Plant Fiber Bowls and Compostable Plant Fiber Meat Trays By World Centric
    • 32, 48, and 64 oz. Fiber Bowls
    • 3P and 4P Meat/Produce Trays
    • 14x18 Serving Trays

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  • Novacart Bakery Packaging

    Our innovative engineering and state-of-the-art proprietary technology, the foundation of our quality products, serves customers from small corner bakeries to large commercial production facilities. We take pride in changing the face of bakery packaging.

    Our product line ranges from baking molds to pastry trays, and we are best known for our bakeable paper packaging. We are constantly improving and expanding our product line, which has led to innovations for the grab-and-go market, complete with snap on lids.

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  • Novacart Tulip Baking Cups

    Novacart Tulip Cups Innovative design, multiple tipped cups made of grease-resistant paper, available in three colors - brown, white and red; cups are resistant to wilting. These baking cups are not freestanding molds and require a standard 2” base muffin pan for support. Cups can be baked at temperatures up to 390 degrees Fahrenheit. Cup material is produced in accordance with current FDA requirements and ISO9002 standards. All cups are produced with 2” base diameter measurement.

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  • Novipax NoviNature Sustainable Tray

    NoviNature is a sustainable tray made from a 100% renewable resource – Ingeo™ – a revolutionary foam derived from plants. Similar to conventional foam trays, NoviNature trays are FDA compliant and offer a comparable resistance to moisture from product purge and condensation. 

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  • Paksher Envirojolt Recycled Content Plastic Bags

    Features & Benefits Recycled paper products are in high demand because of the growing awareness surrounding the movement towards sustainability in today’s marketplace. Duro Bag recognizes this and has made it a top-priority goal to help retailers provide an environmentally-conscious “green” customer-carry solution.Now you can meet their needs with Duro’s patented “Original” 1/6 Handle-Up BagTM now in-stock using 100% Recycled Paper.

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  • PakSher Foodservice Takeout Bags Kitchen Prep Bags

    High quality graphics — even photos! Simple line art Colored or Translucent film material. Leak-proof and grease-proof design. Handled bags for customer convenience.

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  • Pak-Sher Party Tray Bag

    The perfect replacement for those hard-to-carry boxes. Carry one or two trays with one hand, no more juggling. Weight distributes evenly for ease of carry. Clear bag allows display of food product. Prevents spillage, no leaking onto customer's car seats. Custom printing available. Smaller cube reduces inventory space, replacing large carry cardboard boxes.

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  • PakSher Party Tray Bag & Cater-Aid Beverage Caddy

    Reduce your storage space by 90%. You can increase sales, because the more you can store, the more you can sell.

    Reduce transportation costs: 1 Truckload of Cater-Aid Beverage Caddies = 10 Truckloads of milk jugs.

    Minimize inbound and outbound handling – 1 Pallet of Cater-Aid Beverage Caddies = 10 Pallets of milk jugs.

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