Supermarket/Deli Food Containers

The Complete Package is a nationwide distributor of food containers for supermarkets and delis. These food packaging containers not only are eco-friendly, but they also look great and accentuate the food, which helps supermarkets and delis. Supermarkets and delis across the United States utilize us for our eco-friendly food packaging containers. New York, Long Island, Texas and California are home to some of our biggest clients. New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Boston are some of the biggest cities pushing the green initiative. For more information about our green food packaging containers, please contact us today. We will happily answer any questions or concerns you may have at the moment. When you reach out, we can provide you with more purchasing details.

  • EcoCraft Eco Friendly Paper Takeout Packaging Product Guide by Bagcraft

    BagCraft offers the broadest range of specialty bag, sheet and roll converting capabilities in the flexible foodservice packaging industry. High-quality custom packages are manufactured on 130 different production lines to provide a wide variety of custom package and print designs. EcoCraft is made with FDA food-grade, 100% unbleached, chlorine-free paper. It is packed in 100% recycled paperboard inner-carton and the tray dispenser packaging reduces raw-material waste. The  soy-blended dry wax on interfolded sheets reduce reliance on petroleum wax. 

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  • Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Sugarcane Paper Bags by Pro-Pak

    Introducing our new line of Paper Bags designed specifically for Foodservice Carryout

    • Stock & Custom
    • Eco Friendly
    • 100% Recyclable
    • Durable

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  • Embraceable™ Takeout Container Platter & Dome | by Anchor Packaging
    • Black polypropylene platter will withstand temperatures up to 230°F under heatlamps, in warming units/tunnels or in microwave. Capacity: 25 oz.
    • Holds 8 oz. paper food container in place with locator ring in bottom.
    • The "no lid" dome, with full perimeter seal, holds the paper cup in place and eliminates need for extra flat cup lid.
    • Leak resistant closure around the outside of platter prevents messy spills.

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  • Fabrikal Yogurt Parfait Cup Insert-Combo Pack
    Designed to maximize space in your back of house operation by offering three components in one pack.

    Easy to create grab & go food combos - just pack and insert

    Fabri-Kal’s Cup Insert solution make exciting to-go food combinations a snap to create and sell.

    • Consumer-friendly with handy removal notch
    • Attractive and eye-catching - great food presentation
    • Suitable for heat sealing
    • Made from PET
    • Made in the U.S.A

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  • Fiber Tray Specifications by Total Packaging Solutions

    Total Packaging Solutions continues its commitment to bringing new eco-friendly packaging to the food industry. Recently announced – a new line of 100% compostable trays for packaging meats and produce.

    TPS compostable packaging trays are made from natural fiber which is a renewable plant resource.  Renewable fiber is becoming a popular material for packaging manufacturers looking to reduce the impact their products have on the environment.  Specifically deforestation in the case of paper products, and pollution and swollen land fills due to petroleum based packaging materials like Styrofoam.

    The new trays from Total Packaging Solutions are sturdy, functional, and can be easily substituted into meat and produce packaging operations to give their products a ‘green’ seal of approval.  The trays are designed for the food industry so they are food-safe, freezer & microwave safe.

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  • Fineline Settings New “Tiny’s” And Gold & Silver Rimmed Plates In Black

    Dress up your catering jobs with great new options from Fineline Settings. Use the new “Tiny’s” for hors d’oeuvres or delectable desserts. Add a touch of black tie class and use the black plates with the silver or gold trim!

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  • Fineline Settings Tinys’ Lids

    A complete line of PET dome lids to fit our unique miniature line of Fineline Plates, Tumblers and Bowls.
    PET = High Clarity, No breakage; Stackable and Tight Fit = Great for Takeout

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  • Fineline Settings Wavetrends Caterware

    Spruce up your high end catering presentation with a truly unique look at a reasonable cost. Get more catering referrals with a great presentation!

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  • Fresh ’n Clear™ GoCubes | Takeout Food Containers by Placon
    • Placon’s Fresh ‘n Clear™ GoCubes recycled PET cubed or “square” containers can be combined with the universal, 3-compartment insert tray offering more versatility and merchandising options than you’ve ever had from a stock thermoformed food container.

    • Available in 5 ultra-sleek sizes from 12 to 36 oz.

    • GoCubes bases can be used alone or with the insert letting you separate and highlight specific ingredients while keeping foods looking better and tasting fresher, longer.

    • The one-size-fits-all recycled EcoStar® PET lid offers a secure seal with an easy opening tab and crystal clear anti-fog technology. With GoCubes containers it’s hip to be square.


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  • Fresh ’n Clear™ Selectables | Takeout Food Containers by Placon
    • Placon’s Fresh ‘n Clear™ Selectables bowls, inserts and lids give you the convenience you need and your customers the choices they want.
    • Use clear or black bases alone—or get creative with 1- to 3-compartment, portion control inserts that highlight the freshest ingredients while increasing shelf life.
    • Film-seal pre-made meals or use our crystal clear lids made from EcoStar® recycled PET to showcase both the food and your commitment to sustainability.
    • Selectables let you decide the best way to showcase fresh salads and pre-made meals. Use the clear or black inserts to highlight everything from seasonal cut fruit and candied nuts to delicious meats and cheeses.

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  • Fresh ’n Clear™ Trays & Lids | Takeout Food Containers by Placon
    • Crystal-clear recycled PETE construction with multiple size containers.
    • Smooth lid and base for easy labeling. Two lid options.
    • Food stays fresher longer, giving you more satisfied customers and repeat sales.
    • The contents are beautifully displayed and attract more attention on the shelf.
    • One container can hold almost anything, from fragile produce to hearty non-perishables.

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  • Fresh-n-Clear Envision Trays Food | Takeout Containers by Placon
    • Sleek and recyclable, these black, up to 100% post-consumer trays and lids from curbside collected plastic bottles, make your food look fantastic with their modern lines and crystal clear lids for optimal product visibility.

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