Supermarket/Deli Food Containers

The Complete Package is a nationwide distributor of food containers for supermarkets and delis. These food packaging containers not only are eco-friendly, but they also look great and accentuate the food, which helps supermarkets and delis. Supermarkets and delis across the United States utilize us for our eco-friendly food packaging containers. New York, Long Island, Texas and California are home to some of our biggest clients. New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Boston are some of the biggest cities pushing the green initiative. For more information about our green food packaging containers, please contact us today. We will happily answer any questions or concerns you may have at the moment. When you reach out, we can provide you with more purchasing details.

  • Inline Plastics Corp 2014 Catalog

    Inline Plastics’ containers nest top to bottom allowing for the construction of
    eye-catching merchandising displays while conserving valuable shelf space. Lids overlap the container base to keep out unwanted crumbs or other dirt/debris. Embossing capabilities allow for increased branding opportunities and logo/message development.

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  • Inline Plastics for Safe-T-Fresh Clear Round Deli Containers

    Sweets n Snacks


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  • Inline Plastics New Tamper Evident Sandwich Container TS5X5-1

    Robust Safe-T-Fresh Hinge prevents damage during transit and handling. Containers sturdy, stackable design features provide greater stability for multi-level merchandising.

    Highest quality PET Material and minimal ribbing allow a superior clear view that highlights your product.

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  • Inline Plastics Safe-T-Fresh Grab & Go Cups

    Easy-open, easy-close, leak resistant hinged containers lock in freshness. Great for grab and go travel.

    Tamper evident tear strip hinge eliminates the need for shrink bands to prevent product tampering.

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  • Innoware PET Expressions

    Innoware’s new entry into the microwaveable container market. Elegant design, yet affordable, will differentiate your product from typical low end food presentation.

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  • InnoWare PETE Octaview Takeout Container

    Patented design provides superior presentation for enhanced merchandising and increased profits for takeout containers. Popular sizes for a variety of food service applications.

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  • International Paper Food Takeout Containers

    International Paper Food Takeout Containers. Great, affordable paper food containers that are available in a wide variety of sizes.

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  • JIF Aluminum Pans & Steamtables

    Revolutionary designed steam table pans that fit in standard chaffing racks. They are ideal sizes for catering, food service operators and processors. Offers portion control savings. Pans have a unique compact shape while they still maintain strength and integrity.

    Provides users and distributors an alternative to compete in today’s cost conscious environment.

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  • Kraft & White Paper Grocery Bags by Duro Bag

    Features and Benefits of Duro’s Grocery Bags are strong, durable and completely recyclable. These bags come in a variety of basis weights and sizes to handle basic bagging tasks to the heaviest tasks,such as canned goods or glass bottles.
    Available in white or kraft paper, bags can be custom printed to showcase your customer’s brand or message.

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  • Kraft & White Paper Shopping Bags by Duro Bag

    Hand-finished bags ideal for post-printing and stamping. Magnums and Grande are Virgin Kraft. Recycled Kraft not available on these sizes. All bags are manufactured and stocked in Rio Bravo, Mexico. Bags are packed in cartons. Full truckloads are double stacked 44 skids per 48 foot trailer or 53 skids per 53 foot trailer. Any Duro standard shopping bag sizes not listed are not stocked items and require a minimum order quantity of 5,000 bags for custom runs.

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  • LBP Foodservice Recycled Content Packaging

    Combining innovation, performance and the environment. Clamshells, catering, bulk beverage. Custom printing available!

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  • LBP Manufacturing Coffee Boxes And Coffee Urn

    Excellent for “drop and go” catering. Eliminates the need to clean, replace or take deposits on non–disposable equipment. Perfect for hot or cold beverages, soups, sauces, etc. Holds heat of hot beverages for up to 3 hours. Custom printing available. Catering and 160 oz Beverage on the Move™ are both made with recycled material and recyclable. Wide Mouth Beverage on the Move™ is made with recycled and post-consumer content.

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