Supermarket/Deli Food Containers

The Complete Package is a nationwide distributor of food containers for supermarkets and delis. These food packaging containers not only are eco-friendly, but they also look great and accentuate the food, which helps supermarkets and delis. Supermarkets and delis across the United States utilize us for our eco-friendly food packaging containers. New York, Long Island, Texas and California are home to some of our biggest clients. New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Boston are some of the biggest cities pushing the green initiative. For more information about our green food packaging containers, please contact us today. We will happily answer any questions or concerns you may have at the moment. When you reach out, we can provide you with more purchasing details.

  • Fresh-n-Clear™ Bowls & Lids | Takeout Food Containers by Placon
    • Display cases not only look attractive and appealing, but space is maximized.

    • Tight-fitting, leak-resistant lids help extend shelf life while preventing spills in the store as well as on the go.

    • Stackable containers make merchandising easy and secure; nestable for cost-effective shipping and storage.
    • Choose from three lid designs—flat lid, flat lid with wave design or dome lid for extra room.
    • All bowls available in black or crystal clear EcoStar® post-consumer, recycled PET.

    • Compartment bowls’ center cups fit most major manufacturers’ 4 oz. portion cups. Perfect for parties and snacks on the go.

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  • Full Product Catalog | by Eco-Products
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  • Grab and Go Takeout Boxes by Colpac

    Clasp Seal Trays come in 4 designs that can be used for a variety of Grab-n-Go items, which include sandwiches, rolls, and wraps. 

    Such sandwiches include: baguette sandwiches, sub sandwiches, flat bread sandwiches, kaiser roll sandwiches, bread sandwiches and bun sandwiches,

    Other items include sliders, cinnamon rolls, bakery goods and tortilla wraps.

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  • Great New Terrapac Fiber Takeout Containers and Fiber Catering Trays by Sabert

    Great New Terrapac Fiber Takeout Containers and Fiber Catering Trays by Sabert Performance and design is a leak resistant lid, High & low temperature capabilities, Keeps food fresh, tasting great, and safe. Contemporary design aesthetics with these fiber made containers. Sustainability Minimizes impact to the environment, Material made from renewable resources, and is Compostable.

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  • Greenware Plant Fiber Blend Containers

    Greenware Plant Fiber Blend Containers are made with a blend of wheat straw and wood fiber. There is no disruption to the food chain with products made from wheat straw. Our wheat straw is grown in Idaho within a 20-mile radius of our manufacturing facility, reducing transportation and emissions and environmental impact. A powerful combination of performance and sustainability, we have the all-natural solution to your take-out needs. Freezer safe, microwaveable and suitable for uses up to 300F.

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  • HFA Aluminum Container Restaurant Supplies Catalog
    • Food Service Roll Foil
    • Eco Friendly Boxes
    • Steam Tables

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  • HFA Full Curl Steam Table Lids

    Full Curl Lids Now Available in Both Full Size & Half Size


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  • HFA Full Size and Half Size Extra Deep Aluminum Steam Table Pans for Catering

    The world’s first EXTRA-DEEP full and 1/2 steam table pans with patent pending TRU-FIT™ design technology.  Traditional 1/2 size extra deep pan is too tall for traditional full size pan.  Traditional full size pan is too shallow to allow additional capacity.

    • Tru-Fit™ patent pending design technology
    • Reconstructed for better nesting of 1/2 size steam pans
    • Larger capacity = greater efficiency and less labor to replenish food
    • Ready to go packaging and better presentation
    • Now allows for full lid to cover entire package.

    Tru-Fit™ design extended to full line of industry’s leading items. HFA has revolutionized the aluminum steam table segment with new, Tru-Fit™ sizes* designed for optimal fit, enhanced capacity and ideal performance.

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