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Importance of Clean Baby Changing Stations

Posted On: December 27, 2017

When a parent has a small child, keeping that child healthy and free from germs is of utmost concern. And when that small child inevitably dirties his or her diaper, that parent must find a place to clean up. Oftentimes, public baby changing stations are in poor condition and could likely lead to that parent not returning to that facility after that initial use. A comfortable public restroom with a clean baby station could keep customers coming through that door.

Frequent cleaning by the facility manager is paramount in maintaining the upkeep of baby stations. Far too often parents leave the station worse than how they found it. With this frequent use, baby changing stations can become a breeding ground for numerous germs and bacteria arising mainly from fecal matter, like salmonella. Due to this, baby changing stations should be cleaned periodically throughout the day. Babies are more susceptible to germs, so consistently applying proper cleaning principles to baby changing stations is of vital importance.

Several regulations are in place to monitor baby changing stations. How high they must be above the floor, how far they can be from the wall (opened or closed), how much weight they can safely carry, and other viable configurations for when wall space is limited are among some of the regulations. Some health and safety features should be built in, like safety straps for securing the baby, disposable table liners and smooth, hidden hinges. These regulations are only required by federal buildings, as other facilities merely have baby changing stations as a courtesy to the customer. But that does not mean that they should be held to a lower standard. Maintaining baby changing stations could bring back customers and keep them happy while out. And besides, who is to say that these regulations, which are only for federal buildings, do not eventually work their way into more types of buildings.

Ensure your customers have the best in baby changing stations and is clean and free of bacteria. Baby changing stations with antimicrobial protection will be one step ahead of the game and be protecting children from harmful bacteria and germs.

Click here to see our Rubbermaid Baby Changing Station. It is infused with antimicrobial protection, has easy to reach hooks, a built-in shelf and liner storage, laminated 2-ply tissue paper and comes with 320 liners per carton.


New York City's New Organic Food Law

Posted On: October 26, 2017

New York City passed a new law on July 19, 2016 requiring many food businesses in the area to separate normal food waste from organic food waste. This new law is pushing for a more environmentally friendly approach to waste management. The law pertains to various food businesses including hotels with at least 150 rooms, arena and stadium vendors, food manufacturers and wholesalers. Facilities under the new law's coverage must adhere to strict packaging and food laws requiring that all organic waste be privately digested or composted rather than delivered to landfills.

How Can Your Business Follow The Law?

A great first step to making your business more eco-friendly is to figure out how you would like your organic waste processed. You can either have on-site waste pickup from a private composter, delivery the waste to a composter yourself or process the waste yourself. Another option is to use more eco-friendly food packaging components for your products. Since these packaging options break down easier, there will be less trash taking up landfills and a more positive impact on the environment.

Help your employees understand the benefits of this new law and how they can dispose of all organic waste cleanly and efficiently. Training your employees on proper recycling and composting protocol will not benefit your business as well as the rest of New York City and the world. For more information on our eco-friendly food packaging and food containers, please call one of our courteous representatives today. 


3 Compartment Fiber Taco Clamshell

Posted On: October 10, 2017

People enjoy the convenience of grabbing their food to go. However, so many takeout containers are too flimsy, bulky and bad for the environment. Some containers are also too small for some orders and easily spill or topple over. Tacos and other brittle or delicate foods especially need the most support and protection during transportation so they do not break or fall apart.

Let your customers grab their tacos or any other food to go with our 3 Compartment Fiber Taco Clamshell. This recyclable container has three spaces for food and condiments and opens flat for even more space. This lightweight durable container is 100% compostable and reusable. Tacos, hot dogs, eclairs and whatever else you enjoy will stay protected from spills and contamination with its perforated hinged lid.

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GreenBox Pizza Box

Posted On: October 05, 2017

Who does not love pizza? It can be a quick grab-and-go meal or an awesome treat to share with friends and family. Now you can help save the environment and impress your customers. The new GreenBox does it all. The easy break away top can be used as plates and if there are leftovers the bottom of the box can be converted into a smaller container that can fit into even the smallest of refrigerators.

The GreenBox Pizza Box (featured on ABC’s Shark Tank, CBS’s Rachael Ray Show etc.) is a multi-functional, eco-friendly pizza box that transforms into four plates & a handy container for leftovers, eliminating the need for wasteful storage materials like disposable plates, plastic wrap & aluminum foil.  Our product is available in 10”, 12”, 14”, 16” and 18”, is customizable to any size and can be produced with artwork in up to four colors on either kraft or white. 

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Moducup Sustainacup Paper Coffee Cups

Posted On: September 21, 2017

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages on the planet. You can enjoy it hot or cold any time of the day. Now, you can enjoy coffee while helping the environment at the same time. Moducup Sustainacup Paper Coffee Cups are manufactured with over 25% unbleached recycled fibers saving countless trees and other natural resources from the production process.

These cups are made in the U.S.A. with modern technology while preserving the recycled fibers' natural look, elevating the richness of your choice beverage. This product comes in 8, 10,12,16 and 20 oz sizes. Lids in black or white are available for all sizes in Dome Lock Back, Flat Tear Back, Dome Lock Back and Translucent with Straw Slot.

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Promotional Football Server & Container Bowl

Posted On: September 15, 2017

Many dream of playing in a Super Bowl, but how about eating out of one? Cube Plastics has you covered this season with their reusable and recyclable Promotional Football Server & Container Bowl. Perfect for serving chicken wings, nachos and other game day classics, the football container bowl is sure to please. Its versatile and durable design makes it perfect for microwaving and freezing food of any kind. The bowl is dishwasher safe and has a leak resistant lid so ordering takeout and grabbing food on the go is a breeze.

Weighing only 48 oz  and just over a foot long with a 2 inch depth, the football container bowl is easy to handle and transport. Your customers will be delighted seeing their favorite snacks being served in a fun and lively way as they kick back and watch their favorite teams play. We believe there is no off-season for creating original eye-grabbing products.   

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How Plastic Debris is Hurting Sea Turtles

Posted On: September 08, 2017

The ongoing problem of plastic debris and waste hurting and killing hundreds of millions of marine life shows no signs of stopping. The wind blows this debris into oceans from streets and shorelines. Various sea creatures around the world are consuming, breathing in and getting stuck in our plastic garbage. Most plastic bottles take over 400 years to  breakdown while most plastic bags can take 10 to 20 years. One of the most notable victims of this insidious epidemic are sea turtles.

Plastic Debris Effect on Sea Turtles

Sea turtles have swallowed, inhaled, and gotten trapped inside of various plastic bottles and containers. They mistake these plastic items for food. Unfortunately, these are fatal mistakes for sea turtles because their bodies are not able to reject or fully digest the debris. Many turtles have washed up on dead beaches with plastic food and beverage containers, wrappers and even balloons found in their stomachs. However, there are possible solutions to help stop this tragic recurrence.   

Your Business Can Help Sea Turtles Survive

By not using plastic or styrofoam for packaging materials and choosing more sustainable options, business can cut down on ocean pollution and waste. Cardboard, paper, bubble wrap and recycled plastics are biodegradable materials that break down naturally and do not pose a threat to marine life. By using these packaging materials, your business is preserving millions of sea turtles' lives and helping reduce waste on a global scale.

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Making Packaging More Eco-Friendly

Posted On: August 27, 2017

Many businesses have started rethinking the materials they use while packaging their products. The days of heavy plastics and potentially hazardous materials are ending as businesses are favoring more eco-friendly "green" packaging methods. Consumers are also more conscious of their carbon footprints and want to make environmentally friendly changes with the products they buy. Businesses have taken notice by changing their ways and are making positive impacts with their customers and the environment. 

How Can I Make Greener Packaging?

Businesses have to see their current packaging procedures through a wide lens before taking action. Most packaging systems have many components that could be improved. Current packaging materials, energy efficiency, and waste management are some variables to consider when making eco-friendly production changes.

Recycling Materials

One of the most popular and easy packaging changes a business can make is by using recycled materials. Using paper, steel or aluminum based packaging greatly reduces waste. Since these materials can be repurposed for many needs, they may also cut down production and replenishing costs. When consumers buy these products, knowing the material used in the packaging also helps them easier sort their waste at home for recycling pick-ups. 

Minimizing & "Right Sizing" Materials

Another variable to take into account is how large the packaging container is compared to the size of the product inside. Although large packaging is more noticeable, it is more wasteful and costly. By using less material AND using recycled material, businesses can make two significant impacts on the environment as well as their profit margins.

Preventing Consumer Waste

By creating packaging that allows consumers to reuse it for different purposes, there is less waste after its initial use and multi-purpose recycled packaging will attract consumers. Environmentally conscious people prefer not to dispose items after one use. By creating packaging that lets consumers keep using the same container, it will help create rapport your business and your customers.

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