Blog May 2016

Edible Six-Pack Rings

Posted On: May 18, 2016

These Edible Six-Pack Rings could save countless lives across the animal community..

Serving as a particularly unsavory example of mankind’s harmful encroachment upon nature, six-pack plastic rings have caused immense damage to the environment since they went into circulation in 1960.

The amount of six-pack plastic rings that are brought into supermarkets each year is not only innumerable, but constantly overlooked. The detrimental damage to our ecosystem because of these harmful products is impossible to ignore. They may seem like harmless debris, but cause countless deaths in marine animals, birds and sea turtles often by drowning, strangulation, starvation, suffocation and/or injuries.

Thousands upon thousands of preventable deaths result each year from these plastic rings-sometimes negatively impacting endangered species. This raises the question that is ignored time and time again-why have these death traps not been banned?

To top it all off, 32 species of marine mammals, 51 species of seabirds and six species of sea turtles have suffered irreparable damage due to our shortsighted and uninformed usage of plastic rings.

End this epidemic today and support The Complete Package in their efforts to save marine life and reduce pollution.