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New York City's New Organic Food Law

Posted On: October 26, 2017

New York City passed a new law on July 19, 2016 requiring many food businesses in the area to separate normal food waste from organic food waste. This new law is pushing for a more environmentally friendly approach to waste management. The law pertains to various food businesses including hotels with at least 150 rooms, arena and stadium vendors, food manufacturers and wholesalers. Facilities under the new law's coverage must adhere to strict packaging and food laws requiring that all organic waste be privately digested or composted rather than delivered to landfills.

How Can Your Business Follow The Law?

A great first step to making your business more eco-friendly is to figure out how you would like your organic waste processed. You can either have on-site waste pickup from a private composter, delivery the waste to a composter yourself or process the waste yourself. Another option is to use more eco-friendly food packaging components for your products. Since these packaging options break down easier, there will be less trash taking up landfills and a more positive impact on the environment.

Help your employees understand the benefits of this new law and how they can dispose of all organic waste cleanly and efficiently. Training your employees on proper recycling and composting protocol will not benefit your business as well as the rest of New York City and the world. For more information on our eco-friendly food packaging and food containers, please call one of our courteous representatives today. 


Now Search Our Product Database

Posted On: May 15, 2015

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 1.40.29 PMHave you been to The Database of Complete Package website lately?

After much planning and effort to polish up our internet storefront we are pleased to have our new website up and running, ready for your packaging needs. You can browse through our staple categories, choose from Quick Service Restaurants, Catering & Event Planning,Coffee & Tea Houses; or use our favorite option for ease of use, the Product Search bar! All items have tags and keywords attached to help pull up the item you’re looking for in a flash.

While you’re perusing the containers, enjoy the fresh look with custom graphics that reflect our commitment to supplying a wide variety of restaurant needs that are environmentally minded and gentle on the budget.

Beyond the product, we also have toolbar links to customer references, links to manufacturers we carry, credit and resale forms, and a catalog of our past blogs. Take a look around and let us know how well the new set-up works for you. We appreciate your feedback since we created the layout with you, the customer, in mind.


Debate Continues Over Drink Sizes

Posted On: May 15, 2015

The ban is proposed to eliminate large-size sodas and other sugar-sweetened beverages from the city’s restaurants, delis, sports arena vendors, movie theaters and food carts.
“The proposal would also keep restaurants from offering self-service cups bigger than 16-ounces and would impose a fine of as much as $200 per violation.”  Read More online at CBS News.