Promotional Football Server & Container Bowl

Sep 15, 2017

Many dream of playing in a Super Bowl, but how about eating out of one? Cube Plastics has you covered this season with their reusable and recyclable Promotional Football Server & Container Bowl. Perfect for serving chicken wings, nachos and other game day classics, the football container bowl is sure to please. Its versatile and durable design makes it perfect for microwaving and freezing food of any kind. The bowl is dishwasher safe and has a leak resistant lid so ordering takeout and grabbing food on the go is a breeze.

Weighing only 48 oz  and just over a foot long with a 2 inch depth, the football container bowl is easy to handle and transport. Your customers will be delighted seeing their favorite snacks being served in a fun and lively way as they kick back and watch their favorite teams play. We believe there is no off-season for creating original eye-grabbing products.   

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