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Posted On: June 20, 2018
Posted On: March 20, 2018


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Recycling Expanding To Rigid Plastics

Posted On: May 15, 2015

In another push toward New York City being Mother Nature approved, Mayor Michael Bloomberg has announced that our city’s recycling program is expanding to include all rigid plastics. This news comes as area recycling is at an all time low of 15%, down from 20% in 2001. Many factors for the low recycling rates have been speculated, including confusion over which items could and could not be tossed in the recycle bin, lack of convenience in older apartment buildings that only offer one garbage chute, and an early cut back by Mayor Bloomberg in the recycle program to save money.

Starting immediately residents are encouraged to recycle all forms of hard plastic which will be sorted by a new optical technology that can identify and separate plastics by type. With the help of this sorting advance, the city can except to spare approximately 50,000 tons of waste from going to a landfill, and save taxpayers $600,000 per year. After expanding to include a new SIMS facility in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, the mayor is striving to get recycling to a 30% goal level by 2017.

The ultimate goal to be reached by this new recycling expansion is to simplify recycling and make it accessible for everyone living in New York City. The only stipulations that remain are to rinse off your plastic before placing it in a receptacle, and to avoid putting plastic bags in with your rigid plastic, as the bags tend to interrupt the optical technology as it sorts at the facility.

Enjoy your new life as a more effortless recycler!  Read More: Here


The Dangers of Quat Binding in Food Service

Posted On: April 18, 2016

Quat binding is a concern for anyone working in custodial services, but it may be most critical in foodservice areas. While there has been a spotlight placed on the problem in healthcare, quat binding in foodservice remains center stage. Read more...



Posted On: May 15, 2015

FE_DA_121030TaxiNewYork425x283The past month has been extremely difficult for so many of us affected by Sandy.  As many of you know, I live in Long Beach, NY one of the areas hit hardest by Sandy.  I wanted to thank each and every one of you for your patience, kind words, thoughts, and prayers.  Many of my friends lost everything they owned and are still sleeping on family members couches, floors, or in some FEMA approved dingy hotel.  I was very lucky, I only had 5’ of water in my basement which knocked out all of the mechanicals of my house.  The good news is I just moved back home last week and I can now turn 100% of my energy back to you J.  I really cannot thank you enough for the outpouring of support…….it meant the world to me! Thank you!


Now Search Our Product Database

Posted On: May 15, 2015

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 1.40.29 PMHave you been to The Database of Complete Package website lately?

After much planning and effort to polish up our internet storefront we are pleased to have our new website up and running, ready for your packaging needs. You can browse through our staple categories, choose from Quick Service Restaurants, Catering & Event Planning,Coffee & Tea Houses; or use our favorite option for ease of use, the Product Search bar! All items have tags and keywords attached to help pull up the item you’re looking for in a flash.

While you’re perusing the containers, enjoy the fresh look with custom graphics that reflect our commitment to supplying a wide variety of restaurant needs that are environmentally minded and gentle on the budget.

Beyond the product, we also have toolbar links to customer references, links to manufacturers we carry, credit and resale forms, and a catalog of our past blogs. Take a look around and let us know how well the new set-up works for you. We appreciate your feedback since we created the layout with you, the customer, in mind.


Pink Ribbon Products

Posted On: May 15, 2015

Screen_Shot_2013-06-18_at_12.07.36_PMShow your support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month with hot cups, cold cups, and lids from the Pink Ribbon product line at The Complete Package. This is an annual product that we are proud to offer as a way to promote breast cancer awareness. With these hot beverage cups, you can be sure that you’re putting your money where your mouth is. That’s because the cup you’re drinking from comes with a donation to Breast Cancer Research & Awareness. That’s right, twenty percent (20%) of all International Paper profits from Pink Ribbon product sales will be donated to Breast Cancer Research & Awareness.

Pre-Order Pink Ribbon Hot & Cold Cups Today

Keep in mind that these are specialty items that must be ordered in advance. Breast cancer awareness month may be in October, but you have got to get your order in no later than July 3rd if you want any Pink Ribbon products. This product line includes a pink ribbon design on the cup and a matching pink lid to go with it. However, you only need to pre-order the hot and cold cups. The pink lids can be ordered as needed.

Getting your order in now will ensure your customers know you’re a proud supporter of breast cancer awareness.  So please join us as we offer the Pink Ribbon product line to promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October 2013.


Holiday Checklist

Posted On: May 15, 2015

Christmas is coming up on us fast and it’s time to start stocking extra packaging in anticipation of a rise in catering orders. Due to the scorching summer and drought taking a toll on the nation’s crops, food prices are hitting consumers hard at the grocery store. The cost of holiday dinners ordered to-go is quickly becoming a cheaper alternative to a home cooked meal. When considering the additional cost of utilities, time and of course the already existent stress of the holidays, it’s fairly easy to tempt customers into the convenience of a hot and ready holiday menu.

Whatever holiday fare you serve, you’ll find the right size and shape containment in our catalog, with an emphasis on eco-friendly options. Consider packaging such as Innoware Expressions which are microwave safe so they may be reheated prior to serving and use 30% less plastic than the standard competing dish. Tie the whole meal together by bagging them in sturdy paper shopping bags which we can offer with your customized logo. Advertising your brand on a happy customer’s to-go order is a great way to show other potential customers how you can also set their holiday stress at ease. Be sure to review our holiday schedule in the “Mark the Date” section.

Holiday Catering Disposables Checklist:
–Serving Utensils
–Catering Trays & Dome Lids
–Catering Bowls
–Christmas/Holiday Cellophane
–Condiment/Sides Dishes/Bowls
-Tumblers, Wine Glasses, Champagne Flutes
-Water & Food Pans; Steamtables
-Holiday Napkins, Tablecovers, and Napkin Bands
–Plates & Heavy Duty Forks, Knives, Spoons; Available in Red & Green!
–Dessert, hors d’oeuvres dishes
–Cake & Pie Boxes; Pie Tins, Pastry Bake In Molds
-Delivery & Catering Boxes