Pink Ribbon Products

May 15, 2015

Screen_Shot_2013-06-18_at_12.07.36_PMShow your support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month with hot cups, cold cups, and lids from the Pink Ribbon product line at The Complete Package. This is an annual product that we are proud to offer as a way to promote breast cancer awareness. With these hot beverage cups, you can be sure that you’re putting your money where your mouth is. That’s because the cup you’re drinking from comes with a donation to Breast Cancer Research & Awareness. That’s right, twenty percent (20%) of all International Paper profits from Pink Ribbon product sales will be donated to Breast Cancer Research & Awareness.

Pre-Order Pink Ribbon Hot & Cold Cups Today

Keep in mind that these are specialty items that must be ordered in advance. Breast cancer awareness month may be in October, but you have got to get your order in no later than July 3rd if you want any Pink Ribbon products. This product line includes a pink ribbon design on the cup and a matching pink lid to go with it. However, you only need to pre-order the hot and cold cups. The pink lids can be ordered as needed.

Getting your order in now will ensure your customers know you’re a proud supporter of breast cancer awareness.  So please join us as we offer the Pink Ribbon product line to promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October 2013.