Recycling Expanding To Rigid Plastics

May 15, 2015

In another push toward New York City being Mother Nature approved, Mayor Michael Bloomberg has announced that our city’s recycling program is expanding to include all rigid plastics. This news comes as area recycling is at an all time low of 15%, down from 20% in 2001. Many factors for the low recycling rates have been speculated, including confusion over which items could and could not be tossed in the recycle bin, lack of convenience in older apartment buildings that only offer one garbage chute, and an early cut back by Mayor Bloomberg in the recycle program to save money.

Starting immediately residents are encouraged to recycle all forms of hard plastic which will be sorted by a new optical technology that can identify and separate plastics by type. With the help of this sorting advance, the city can except to spare approximately 50,000 tons of waste from going to a landfill, and save taxpayers $600,000 per year. After expanding to include a new SIMS facility in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, the mayor is striving to get recycling to a 30% goal level by 2017.

The ultimate goal to be reached by this new recycling expansion is to simplify recycling and make it accessible for everyone living in New York City. The only stipulations that remain are to rinse off your plastic before placing it in a receptacle, and to avoid putting plastic bags in with your rigid plastic, as the bags tend to interrupt the optical technology as it sorts at the facility.

Enjoy your new life as a more effortless recycler!  Read More: Here