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Nationwide Distributor of Eco-Friendly Food Packaging Containers

The Complete Package offers food service providers across the country with a variety of quality and affordable eco-friendly packaging container options, including:

Please contact me at if you would like any samples of the green packaging lines distributed by Imperial Dade to food service operators in Long Island, Manhattan, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Brooklyn, Queens, Chicago and Connecticut.ALL IN GREEN OPTIONS!

Going green is all the fashion these days. With eco-friendly food packing containers from The Complete Package, going green has never been easier. We have a great selection of eco-friendly products that affordable. Helping save the earth has never been easier! There are a variety of benefits you'll receive when using our eco-friendly food packaging containers. Help do your part and use more eco-friendly products today!

Green & Mean Products

  • Recycled Content and Compostable Takeout Containers, Coffee Cups, Cold Beverage Cups, Cutlery | by EcoProducts
    • Our newest plates, bowls & clamshells are made from durable, lightweight, and compostable wheat straw—a byproduct leftover from harvesting wheat.
    • Made from renewable plant materials that can be grown again and again.  Not made from oil like traditional plastics.
    • Better materials, fewer and fewer virgin plastics, and more transparency as a business.
    • Custom Prints are a great way for you to promote your organization, brand or event while also encouraging waste diversion, sustainability, and smart purchasing.

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  • Recycled Content Cake Boxes

    Put your cakes and treats into packaging that is a treat to Mama Earth! These cake boxes are not only made of recycled content, but are available in natural kraft too!

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  • Sabert Food Packaging Takeout Container

    Sabert food packaging takeout container is designed to enhance your presentation, while helping you lower your costs — in the fridge, in the case, on the table, or on the go.

    Whether you’re a restaurateur, a grocer, a food distributor, or a caterer let’s sit down at the table and discuss how Sabert can be of service to you.

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  • SC Tray Autumn Pie Boxes

    Capture the colors, scents and memories of fall with Southern Champion Tray’s new Autumn Design Pie Boxes. Enjoy a slice of warm pecan pie on a chilly night or savor the sweet taste of pumpkin pie at your next Thanksgiving dinner. The Autumn Design brings the colors of fall to every table throughout the season. These cupcake boxes are recyclable in the limited areas where facilities exist.

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  • SC Tray Full Line Catalog Boxes and Containers

    SC Tray full line catalog cake and pie boxes, food boxes, specialty and takeout containers: cake boxes, cupcake boxes, pastry boxes, pie boxes, sheet cake boxes, utility boxes, donut boxes, donut trays, specialty boxes, holiday boxes, cake circles, cake pads, window boxes, carry out boxes, carry out barns, ChampPak™, kid’s meal box, lobster box, pizza boxes, sandwich wedge, sausage boxes, patty meat boxes, On-The-Go Carafe™, ChampWare™, food containers, drink carriers, food trays, food tray sleeves, lunch trays, custom packaging.

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  • SC Tray Holidays Cake & Pie Boxes

    Holiday Cake and Pie Boxes
    For over 85 years, Southern Champion Tray has been manufacturing quality pie boxes paperboard packaging products. As a third generation family owned company, our reputation has been built through clear vision, constant innovation, and unwavering commitment to excellence and integrity in all business practices. These principles have been the backbone of our success. The quality you can expect from SCT goes far beyond the value of products bought and sold. We strive to ensure that you are taken care of in every way, long before and long after the sale. Each of our employees operates on the basis of maintaining a long-standing reputation of integrity and customer satisfaction. The thread of excellence runs through every segment of our business and is apparent in our premium products, constant innovation, and professionalism.

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  • Sidekicks Microwavable Side Takeout Containers by Fabri-kal

    Microwavable and durable, SideKicks have a sleek look. Dual application for hot and cold and convenient features, like interchangeable lid and easy stacking. One lid fits all three takeout container sizes. It has an upscale design, with a wide mouth and small base, which makes it easy to transport. It is suitable for hot and cold food applications.

    Microwavable and dishwasher safe. Great for under heat lamps. Snap-fit lid application. Stackable, spoonable and dippable.

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  • Smooth Molded Fiber Containers by Huhtamaki

    Huhtamaki molded fiber containers are the safe, easy and environmentally-friendly way to take hot or cold food to-go. These Smooth Molded Fiber Containers are 100% compostable and made from renewable resources. They are stackable for easy delivery and take-home portability and maintains integrity of food during transit – molded fiber composition acts
    as an insulator to keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold. Available in convenient, popular sizes for any menu item. 



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  • Solut Recycled Plates, Catering, Bakeware

    Post Consumer Recycled Kraft Catering Trays, Plates, and Bakeware” – Now catering can be 100% eco friendly with these great and reasonably priced catering trays.

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  • Square Hinge RPET Deli Containers By Genpak

    Smooth walled hinged deli containers for superior product visualization. Square profile optimizes retail shelf space. It has leak resistant, 360° closure.

    Contains 30% post consumer recycled content and is # 1 curb-side recyclable.

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Eco-Friendly Food Packaging Supplier

By offering up a variety of options, we hope to supply you with the containers and packaging that works best for you. Being eco-friendly is important to us and we appreciate all those who wish to keep the earth clean and garbage free by selecting green packaging options from us. Together we can make a difference. Our eco-friendly food packaging containers are available nationwide, including in:

• Boston

• New York City

• Los Angeles

• Washington DC

• Santa Monica

• San Diego

Eco-Friendly Food Packaging Containers

If you sell food for a living, you are aware of the ever-increasing options for "green packaging." Imperial Dade is committed to the "green" movement and has the largest inventory of eco-friendly food packaging containers in Manhattan, if not the entire East Coast. If you want products from renewable resources like corn, potato, sugar cane or bulrush (cattail)-or if you are looking for recycled paper or plastic-we have it! We supply food service companies from around the country. Whether you are located in Santa Monica or San Diego in Southern California or on the east coast in Florida or Boston, we have you covered. For more information about our products and services, please contact us today. For inquiries about pricing, please send your email to Dave Pokorny at He can also provide you with free samples for many of the eco-friendly food packaging containers we have in stock.