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Nationwide Distributor of Eco-Friendly Food Packaging Containers

The Complete Package offers food service providers across the country with a variety of quality and affordable eco-friendly packaging container options, including:

Please contact me at if you would like any samples of the green packaging lines distributed by Imperial Dade to food service operators in Long Island, Manhattan, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Brooklyn, Queens, Chicago and Connecticut.ALL IN GREEN OPTIONS!

Going green is all the fashion these days. With eco-friendly food packing containers from The Complete Package, going green has never been easier. We have a great selection of eco-friendly products that affordable. Helping save the earth has never been easier! There are a variety of benefits you'll receive when using our eco-friendly food packaging containers. Help do your part and use more eco-friendly products today!

Green & Mean Products

  • LBP Foodservice Recycled Content Packaging

    Combining innovation, performance and the environment. Clamshells, catering, bulk beverage. Custom printing available!

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  • LBP Manufacturing Coffee Boxes And Coffee Urn

    Excellent for “drop and go” catering. Eliminates the need to clean, replace or take deposits on non–disposable equipment. Perfect for hot or cold beverages, soups, sauces, etc. Holds heat of hot beverages for up to 3 hours. Custom printing available. Catering and 160 oz Beverage on the Move™ are both made with recycled material and recyclable. Wide Mouth Beverage on the Move™ is made with recycled and post-consumer content.

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  • LBP Manufacturing Coffee Sleeves

    Our patented hot cup sleeves stick to the cup with heat–activated adhesive. Its corrugated design releases heat around hand while cool air is drawn in. Features include: Coffee Clutch® - Corrugated construction provides superior insulation. Wave Sleeve™ - Fluted design is easy to grip. Thermo Grip™- Embossed design allows air flow, while keeping hand cool. Non-slip textured grip. Custom printing available. Hot cup sleeves contain both recycled and post-consumer fiber content. Our newest addition, the Eco Clutch™, contains 100% post-consumer fiber content.

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  • LBP Manufacturing Full Steamtable Catering Box

    Catering square is perfect for transporting heavy food products, such as sandwiches, baked goods, pastas, entrees and more. Catering tray inner tray folds down for service. Custom printing available.

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  • Linen Like Napkin With 40% Post Recycled Content by Hoffmaster

    Linen Like Napkin from Hoffmaster offers an affordable alternative to real linen and a sustainable solution for everyday challenges. 55% recycled fibers,40% postconsumer waste. EPA approved.

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  • Linen-Like Napkin with Dishtowel Design by Hoffmaster

    Linen like napkin with dishtowel design from Hoffmaster offers an affordable alternative to real linen and a sustainable solution for everyday challenges.

    Create an upscale vintage look with dishtowel printed FashnPoint®! Available in Red, Blue and Black patterns. These dinner napkins and Flat Packs™ are perfect for catered events, farm to table, pizzerias and gastropubs.

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  • Mitili Boxes And Cello Bags Catalog

    The ProBox ©® is the ultimate update of the automatic pastry box: Ergonomic, simple, easy to use for you and your customer and the perfect design for all of you who want the best. Manufactured with the finest compact boards, the ProBox offer strengths and quality and is a combination of all the advantages of the Click-Clack and as well as its own. Others sizes available upon request. Custom printed with a minimum of 4,000 boxes and a minimum of 1,000 by size. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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  • Mitili Dessert & Baked Goods Serving Catalog

    Dessert Individual Cakeboard. PP/PET Round Cakeboard. Items include: Sliced Board, Individual Tray, Stone Tray, Round Medoro Tray & Lid, Rectangular Medoro Tray & Lid, Kado Tray Bijoux square Cup, Charm Cup, Deco Cup, Bijoux Glass Venus Cup, Voila Cup, Charm Plate, Bon Ton Plate, Bon Ton Spoon & Skewer, Charm Spoon & Fork.

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  • Mitili Paper Baking Molds Catalog

    Molds Catalog Catalog

    1 - Tulip Cup - Plain - Stock Item

    2 - Tulip Cup - Plain - Special order

    3 -Tulip Cup - Printed on brown paper - Stock Item

    4 - Lotus Cup - Special Order

    5- Tulip Cup and Lotus cup custom printed - Special order

    6 - Muffin Beaded & Floret - Special order

    7 - Muffin beaded custom printed - Special order

    8 - Muffin tray - Stock Item

    9 - Custom printed muffin trays and cups - Special Order

    10 - Custom tray and divider for Tulip Cup and Lotus Cup - Special order

    11 - Muffincino - Thick Pergamine paper - Special order

    12 - Icacup cardboard mold - Grease-proof resistant - Stock item

    13 - Muffin Top - Grease-proof resistant - Stock item

    14 - Muffin - Panettoncino - Cupcake -Stock item

    15 - Plain Sweedish Grease-proof paper cups - Stock item

    16 - Horizontal line , Swedish Grease-proof paper cups - Stock item

    17 - Tartlet - Icacup Cardboard mold - Grease-proof resistant - Stock item

    18 - Tartlet - beaded mold - Stock item

    19 - Tortine - micro corrugated mold - Stock item

    20 - Tart micro corrugated mold - Stock item

    21 - Tart - beaded mold - Special order

    22 - Round cake, Panettone Basso - Stock item & special order

    23 - Panettone - Brioche - Stock item & Special order

    24 - Plum Cake - micro corrugated mold - Stock item

    25 - Plumpy - for plum cake and meat loaf - beaded mold - Stock item

    26 Fancy micro corrugated mold - Stock item & special order

    27 - F mold

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  • Natur-Bag® Compostable Garbage Bags

    Made from GMO-Free, Annually Renewable Resources
    Meets ASTM D6866 Standard Specification for Biobased Plastics
    Reduces Carbon Usage by 80% in Comparison to Traditional Plastic Cutlery
    Does NOT Contain Any Polypropylene or Polystyrene
    Sturdy and High-Heat Resistant

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  • Novacart Bakery Packaging

    Our innovative engineering and state-of-the-art proprietary technology, the foundation of our quality products, serves customers from small corner bakeries to large commercial production facilities. We take pride in changing the face of bakery packaging.

    Our product line ranges from baking molds to pastry trays, and we are best known for our bakeable paper packaging. We are constantly improving and expanding our product line, which has led to innovations for the grab-and-go market, complete with snap on lids.

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  • Novacart Tulip Baking Cups

    Novacart Tulip Cups Innovative design, multiple tipped cups made of grease-resistant paper, available in three colors - brown, white and red; cups are resistant to wilting. These baking cups are not freestanding molds and require a standard 2” base muffin pan for support. Cups can be baked at temperatures up to 390 degrees Fahrenheit. Cup material is produced in accordance with current FDA requirements and ISO9002 standards. All cups are produced with 2” base diameter measurement.

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  • Novipax NoviNature Sustainable Tray

    NoviNature is a sustainable tray made from a 100% renewable resource – Ingeo™ – a revolutionary foam derived from plants. Similar to conventional foam trays, NoviNature trays are FDA compliant and offer a comparable resistance to moisture from product purge and condensation. 

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  • PacknWood

    Beautiful, different, eco friendly and natural are the words used to sum up this line of food packaging!

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Eco-Friendly Food Packaging Supplier

By offering up a variety of options, we hope to supply you with the containers and packaging that works best for you. Being eco-friendly is important to us and we appreciate all those who wish to keep the earth clean and garbage free by selecting green packaging options from us. Together we can make a difference. Our eco-friendly food packaging containers are available nationwide, including in:

• Boston

• New York City

• Los Angeles

• Washington DC

• Santa Monica

• San Diego

Eco-Friendly Food Packaging Containers

If you sell food for a living, you are aware of the ever-increasing options for "green packaging." Imperial Dade is committed to the "green" movement and has the largest inventory of eco-friendly food packaging containers in Manhattan, if not the entire East Coast. If you want products from renewable resources like corn, potato, sugar cane or bulrush (cattail)-or if you are looking for recycled paper or plastic-we have it! We supply food service companies from around the country. Whether you are located in Santa Monica or San Diego in Southern California or on the east coast in Florida or Boston, we have you covered. For more information about our products and services, please contact us today. For inquiries about pricing, please send your email to Dave Pokorny at He can also provide you with free samples for many of the eco-friendly food packaging containers we have in stock.