Reusable and Miscellaneous Food Packaging

The Complete Package is a trusted supplier and distributor of quality eco-friendly food packaging and food containers. We aim to provide options to those in the foodservice industry and make running their establishment go as smooth as possible. We ship nationwide, so whether you are located in New York, Los Angeles, or anywhere in between, we have you covered. All of the products and supplies located on our site are available at great, wholesale rates.

Great Selection of Eco-Friendly Packaging 

The Complete Package has years of experience providing foodservice professionals across the country with the best in eco-friendly packaging. If you are interested in our eco-friendly packaging options, please contact us today or email Dave Pokorny. We will answer any questions or concerns you may have about our selection of reusable and miscellaneous food packaging.

  • Disposable Juice or Wine Carafe with Lid for Catering | By Fineline Settings
    • 35 oz Carafe with a PolyPro Lid
    • Disposable wine carafe with lid high in clarity and strong in durability
    • Perfect for serving wine, juice, water & other refreshments
    • Ideal for catered events, outdoor eateries & more
    • No spills
    • Use for buffets, casinos & more

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  • Embraceable™ Takeout Container Platter & Dome | by Anchor Packaging
    • Black polypropylene platter will withstand temperatures up to 230°F under heatlamps, in warming units/tunnels or in microwave. Capacity: 25 oz.
    • Holds 8 oz. paper food container in place with locator ring in bottom.
    • The "no lid" dome, with full perimeter seal, holds the paper cup in place and eliminates need for extra flat cup lid.
    • Leak resistant closure around the outside of platter prevents messy spills.

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  • Greenstripe Sugarcane Plates & Bowls | by Eco Products
    • Made from 100% renewable and reclaimed resources
    • Made with sugarcane, a rapidly renewable resource
    • Meet ASTM standards for compostability, BPI certified
    • Grease and cut resistant
    • Molded construction designed for strength and style
    • 24/40oz. bowls are great for rice and pasta and perfect for take-out applications by adding a lid (EP-BLRLID)
    • For use with hot or cold foods
    • Microwave and freezer safe

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  • Incredibowls Microwave Bowls | by Anchor Packaging


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  • PET and Polypropylene Plastic & Natural Bagasse Takeout Containers by ThermoSource

    We offer a variety of sizes and configurations that will fit any need. All or our products are designed to integrate and stack with one another, making the “to-go” experience a better one. Our packaging features an inside lock design that keeps food fresh and secure while you are on the go. No mess. No worries.

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  • Plant Fiber Compostable Caterware | by Wasara


    WASARA tableware is a gorgeous alternative to everyday paper tableware. This highly
    sustainable product is 100% tree-free, made from sugar cane, bamboo, and reed pulp. Easily
    compostable and certified to break down into soil, even in home composting systems, these
    durable tableware pieces are perfect single-use items.

    The WASARA line is a collection of 18 durable pieces that can stand up to sauces and hot
    liquids and look great doing it. Their sculptural shape is pleasing to hold and adds to their

    In 2008 the entire WASARA line was added to the permanent design collection of the
    Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, New York.

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  • Post Consumer Recycled PET Takeout Food Containers by Bottlebox

    Our range of hinged containers will cover all your needs from small 6×6” to large 9×9” and several rectangular versions. Clear, black or colored, they are perfect for your deli, to-go display, or as doggy boxes. Try our new one-piece containers with black or colored bases and clear lids. They are sure to draw your customers’ attention and make your food look even better.

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  • Post-Consumer Recycled PET Plastic Containers | by Bottle Box

    Sustainability has always been one of the main driving forces for us at Direct Pack, Inc. As the proud founder of the BOTTLEBOX® – the original range of food packaging made from recycled PET plastic - we use millions of beverage bottles to create a line of packaging that not only looks stylish, but makes it easier for us all to do our part in closing the loop. By using the BOTTLEBOX®, you help save beverage bottles from landfills and oceans, and when your customers are done, they can recycle the containers again.

      From full service restaurants and fast casual chains to contract feeders and neighborhood cafés – our experts have in-depth knowledge of optimizing packaging for all types of foodservice locations. We carry a wide range of containers for both hot and cold food.z
      Having been involved in many of the most successful retail packaging programs in the market today, our experts will help you make the most out of your space. We offer innovative packaging with great merchandising effects for the deli, bakery and grab-and-go.
      Whether you are packing large volumes of food in an automated or manual environment, our knowledgeable and creative team can tackle any production related challenge. We offer functional and good-looking containers for hummus, dips, salads and more.
      We have a deep understanding of the highly seasonal and time sensitive produce business. Besides ensuring on-time delivery, our team has many years of hands-on experience with developing optimal packaging for a wide variety of fresh berries, fruits and vegetables.

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