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  • Backyard Degradable, Ocean Degradable PHA Plastic Straws by WinCup

    Eco, Ocean & Operator Friendly Straws


    • Marine & soil biodegradable

    • Home & industrial compostable

    • Perform just like traditional plastic straws

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  • Bio-Pak Dine and Bio-Plus Dine Containers

    Single flap makes it easy to hold with one hand and fill with the other - or eat directly
    from the container, for the best possible takeout dining experience. Tuck top with
    locking corners helps avoid spills. Bio-Pak Dine and Bio-Plus Dine provide an excellent alternative to foam or plastic – made from paperboard, a renewable resource. Bio-Pak Dine and Bio-Plus Dine products are not manufactured with any fluorine-based grease-treatment chemicals.

    Perfect for: restaurants, delis, supermarkets, C-stores, education, healthcare, catering and more. Custom printing/branding available. Stock options include: White, Black, Inspired by Nature design.

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  • Bio-Pak Protect Food Containers

    No more missing french fries! Bio-Pak Protect ensures food safety through the 3rd-party delivery process. Just fill and secure these tamper-evident containers in your kitchen using the adhesive strip — and they remain sealed until your customer tears the string away to open. Bio-Pak Protect can also be custom printed to align with your branded program.

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  • Bio-Plus View Food Containers

    Put your food product on display with our new BioPlus View, now with simplified
    closure and click-lock corners. Presentation matters, so these disposable containers
    feature an anti-fog window that frames your food masterpieces. Grab-and-go prepared meals and desserts never looked so good. Certified by the Green Restaurant Association.

    Perfect for: restaurants, delis, supermarkets, C-stores, education, healthcare, catering and more. Custom printing/branding available. Stock options include: Natural Kraft

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  • Clear Can Wick Chafing Fuel by LeoLight

    LeoLight’s VIEWS Clear-Can wick chafing fuel makes it easy to see how much fuel is left. Maximize the use of your fuel and never waste a drop!

    Operators gain unmatched value and performance with Leolight’s exclusive VIEWS™ chafing fuel. VIEWS™ Wick Chafing Fuels offer control, confidence and ease of use.
    All recyclable materials. No more waste, no more guess work.



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  • Clorox Total 360 System

    Perfect for use at schools, universities, hospitals, arenas, mass transit, airlines

    ElectroStatic Sprayer for Sanitizer to EFFECTIVELY Disinfect Rooms Within Minutes! Effective against Flu and Corona Virus

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  • Custom Printed Paper 9” x 12” Tray Liner by Hoffmaster

    Promote your business! Make your brand stand out! Due to the popular use of quarter sheet trays in Foodservice, Hoffmaster® now offers a custom 9" x 12" Tray Liner. This is the same tissue we use for our current Custom Basket Liners / Sandwich Wraps, made out of 18 lb. waxed tissue. 

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  • Disinfectant Wipes to Fight Corona Virus and Flu by Clorox

    CLOROX Disinfecting Wipes are now tougher on germs than ever with:

    9 new EPA-registered efficacy claims, including:
    -Kills bacteria§ in just 10 seconds
    -Kills MRSA
    -Kills the organism that can cause whooping cough
    -Compliant with OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard

    10-second sanitization
    12 allergen-removal claims

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  • Germicidal Wipes to fight CoronaVirus and Flu by Clorox

    Ready-to-Use Bleach Cleaner Disinfectant Wipes

    Proven Effiicacy:
    -EPA-registered to kill 58 prevalent HAI-casuing pathogens and outbreak-causing viruses in 3 minutes or less. 
    -C. difficile sporicidal efficacy tested in the presence of 3-part organic soil load to meet updated EPA testing guidance.

    Trusted by Healthcare Facilities
    -Over 25 peer-reviewed articles cite bleach-based disinfection protocols as key components of infection prevention strategies. 
    -Meets CDC recommendations for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces in patient care areas. 

    Trusted by Healthcare Facilities
    -Compatible with common healthcare surfaces including plastics and stainless steel. 
    -Recommended in medical equipment cleaning and care guides. 

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  • Ice Cold Polypro Drink Cups by Berry Plastics

    Berry’s Ice Cold drink cup family offers a simple, stock solution for operators and a sustainability story relevant to today’s consumers. These widely-recyclable cups are printed with fresh graphics that may evoke feelings of happiness and adventure as consumers enjoy their cold drinks. Berry’s Ice Cold drink cup family are great alternatives to banned polystyrene foam drink cups. 

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  • Imperial Dade - Carefree Chemical Program

    Use for: Floor Care, Carpet Cleaners, General Cleaners, Degreasers, Restroom Cleaners, Hand Soaps.

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  • Imperial Dades Paper Straws

    Imperial Dades paper straws are made in the USA and always have been. In 1888, a man named Marvin Stone patented the first paper straw.

    Our straws are the safest, sturdiest straws on the market. They're non-toxic, 100% chlorine free and the only FDA food-grade approved paper straws made today. We can print your message or logo directly onto our standard or milkshake straws. Whether you're a food service provider or a party planner organizing a large custom event, we also have the ability to print your brand on the wrappers of any of our products.

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