San Francisco Plastic Straw Ban

Jul 26, 2018

San Francisco supervisors have unanimously approved a ban on the use of plastic straws and takeout containers treated with fluorinated chemicals. This follows an earlier decision this month, where in Seattle they voted to ban the use of plastic straws and stirrers. That news made headlines and is now impacting other cities, with San Francisco following suit to make their city more eco-friendly and green. This vote is San Francisco will need a second vote, which will occur next week, but it is expected to pass.

In conjunction with this legislation, napkins and utensils with takeout or delivery are only available on request unless there is a self-serve station. This is a way to implement a greener lifestyle for patrons. 

Starting on January 1, 2020, food and drink vendors in San Francisco must use carryout containers and food wrappers that are free of fluorinated chemicals. These chemicals are currently used to stop grease and water, however the chemicals used do not break down in compost, making them harmful to the environment. Seattle and San Francisco are some of the more liberal thinking cities in America, so it makes sense that they are the pioneers in this endeavor for a greener earth, but I would expect more cities in the near future to follow these similar types of bans.