Catering Season Is Upon Us!

May 15, 2015

It’s been a slow Catering Season transition into spring, but as the birds and flowers begin to reappear, as do the weddings and other spirited gatherings. We want to help you prepare by stocking the best of green catering packaging. At The Complete Package there are many options to suit every size and style of catered event.

The Square Bowl by Sabert comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, 8-64oz. and 80, 160 and 320oz. They’re visually attractive with a black base and clear lid, have an efficient design for stacking and space saving, and crack and crush resistant because when you’re transporting large, weighty orders, durability is important.

Fineline is one of the most visually impressive manufacturers of catering goods, and we’re excited to offer you a wide selection of their products for the most special of events. Take a look at Fineline‘s containers and see for yourself why they’re ideal for creative displays.

For an emphasis on catering green, the Ultra Green Compostable Catering Trays are a great choice. Made from 100% renewable natural resources, biodegradable tray, and 100% recyclable lid. The tray is strong and sturdy, won’t allow oil or liquid to soak through.