Janitorial Hardwares & Food Smallwares

  • 3 In 1 Towel Dispenser, Waste Receptacle And High Speed Hand Dryer | by American Specialties

    American Specialties, Inc. introduces the new three-in-one paper towel dispenser with waste receptacle and automatic hand dryer, featuring the TURBO-Dri™ Jr. (model #0198). The compact high-speed hand dryer is a perfect fit for this unit.

    • Quick drying — less than 15 seconds
    • Operates automatically using infrared sensor
    • Auto-resetting thermostat
    • 60-second automatic shut off

    To keep the paper towels in the waste receptacle from blowing out, a spring-loaded lid has been added.

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  • Avatar Chemical Dispensing System | By Epic Chemical

    System is color coordinated, which makes the system almost (key word almost!) idiot proof!?Helps ensure the correct product is paired with the correct dispensing unit, ensuring that you're not using floor cleaner on your windows! 

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  • Back Of The House Solutions | By Rubbermaid

    From healthcare facilities, office buildings, and restaurants to schools, only Rubbermaid Commercial Products delivers the broadest line of cleaning systems to ensure every environment is healthy and safe.

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  • Backpack Supercoach and Supercoach Hape Vacuums By ProTeam

    The Super CoachVac and Super CoachVac HEPA are productivity powerhouses that tackle the most demanding cleaning challenges. These powerful and high filtration units are ideal for vacuuming schools, office buildings, healthcare facilities or any large, high-traffic area that requires extreme power and suction.

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  • CFR Carpet Extractor

    CFR’s all new portable ECO-500 AW Series upright extractors equip carpet cleaning professionals with all of the tools required to achieve contractor-grade, deep-cleaning results. These ten-gallon workhorses are designed to meet a multitude of cleaning demands, and are equipped with all-new advanced technology, high-efficiency air-watt motors for increased cleaning performance.

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  • CMS Flavorseal MVS31X Vacuum Bag Sealer

    Chamber Vacuum Sealer - MVS 31X

    A heavy duty flavorseal, medium capcity commercial vacuum sealer for smaller operations that need a high quality vacuum packer for bulk packaging, food processing, or sous vide. Ideal for use with delicatessen counters and meat markets. For soups and thin sauces, optional liquid tray slopes the chamber to seal bags without leakage.

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  • Crewman AS20B Auto Scrubber | by Betco
    Betco’s Crewman AS20B Automatic Scrubber is perfect for cleaning small and congested areas. Simple operator controls make training easier than ever. This machine is ideal for use in the education, retail, and healthcare markets.

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  • Dine-Aglow Product Catalog
    • A safety table oil lamp system with patented disposable fuel cartridges manufactured for the foodservice, liturgical and consumer markets.
    • Le-Jo invented, developed and pioneered the first disposable oil lamp system in the mid-1970’s.
    •  Dine-Aglow® is demonstrably the safest, most efficient form of table lighting available today and is used by more restaurants than any other table lamp system.
    • Dine-Aglow® has designed and developed table lamps for many national chains. Steak and Ale, Chi-Chi’s, Olive Garden, Marriott, Disney World, Ramada Inn, and Cracker Barrel are some of Dine-Aglow’s more visible special design customers.

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  • Eco-Smart Amenity Dispenser By Dial Soap

    Increases housekeeping’s overall efficiency by reducing the time required to set up each room.
    Eco-logical that each refill will keep approximately 220 small amenity dispenser out of landfills. The refill bottles are lOO% recyclable.
    Offers a unique non corrosive key with a locking mechanism that prevents tampering & vandalism. Reservoir holds 70 mL of formula, enough for 15 showers. Inverted design evacuates all product completely,eliminating waste.

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  • Georgia Pacific EnMotion Hands Free Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser

    •Automated touchless dispensing helps minimize cross-contamination risks

    •Hygienic, closed system helps reduce exposure to external contamination sources

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