Keeping the Health Dept. Away

Keeping your business clean is essential to preserving the health and safety of your customers and staff and avoiding the health department. Get the best in green janitorial supplies and eco-friendly cleaning supplies from The Complete Package and avoid the health department with the best green clean cleaning supplies on the market. Dealing with customers from Florida, to Los Angeles to Boston and everywhere across the country.

Green Janitorial & Sanitation Supplies

We have a great selection of green janitorial supplies that are used across food service establishments. For your convenience, we have separated them into a few different categories:

  • Janitorial Hardware & Food Smallware
  • Eco-Friendly Chemicals
  • Towels

Get the right tools for the job here. No matter what you're looking for, The Complete Package has you covered. Ask about our green janitorial supplies and how they can help your business. We carry environmentally friendly formulations that don't sacrifice performance and have a full line of eco-friendly products sure to meet your needs. The world is changing, so change with it. Becoming more eco-friendly is how many businesses operate these days. Don't be the last one on the block to go green! View our complete selection below.

  • 3M™ Easy Trap Floor Cleaning System

    Minimum training, maximum results: The one that gets it done: Traps up to 8x more dirt, dust and sand than conventional flat fringes cotton dust mops or a competitive sweeping dust cloth brand. Hair beware: With the power to trap more hair than traditional dust mops, these sheets are perfect for veterinarians and hair salons. Here, there and everywhere: Works on nearly every surface — perfect for retail, healthcare, schools, hotels, gyms, banks and more. Just what the doctor ordered: Convenient disposable sheets, no laundering required — excellent for clinics and hospitals. Clean the biffy in a jiffy: Glides through and traps debris, including hair — even on wet floors. Glitter be gone: Ideal for picking up difficult debris like glitter and other small particles. When you must control the dust: Traditional dusting tools just move dust around. These sheets trap it and hold on to it. Because sweeping shouldn’t be a drag: Lower drag reduces worker fatigue. You’ll flip for it: After one side of the sheet is saturated, simply flip it over and use the other side.

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  • Aerosol Mr Muscle Oven & Grill Cleaner by SC Johnson

    Mr Muscle ® Foaming Oven & Grill Cleaner helps make tough cleaning as easy as possible. Its foam formula assists your oven cleaning efforts by removing baked-on soils so you can wipe them all away. It cleans the following areas/surfaces in your facility: Cast iron, ceramics, glass, porcelain, and stainless steel

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  • Brute Rollout Garbage Cans by Rubbermaid

    The Brute Rollout has a step-on mechanism that lifts the lid, allowing for hands-fee operation that makes your job easier, every day. Brute Rollouts are available in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors to ensure you'll find the optimal solution for any facility need.

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  • Clorox Total 360 System

    Perfect for use at schools, universities, hospitals, arenas, mass transit, airlines

    ElectroStatic Sprayer for Sanitizer to EFFECTIVELY Disinfect Rooms Within Minutes! Effective against Flu and Corona Virus

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  • Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes

    America's Number One wipe* is now better than ever!

    Easy One-Step Cleaning and Disinfecting
    Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes are a convenient, effective solution for cleaning and disinfecting a wide variety of surfaces with just one wipe.

    Effective Disinfection of Germs of Concern
    Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes are EPA-registered to kill 99.9% of illness-causing germs, including the viruses that cause cold and flu, with efficient contact times.

    Specially Formulated to Use on a Variety of Surfaces
    Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes combine a thick, textured wipe with Clorox's unique clear-drying formula so you can clean a wide variety of surfaces including glass, stainless steel and more....

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  • Clorox® Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfecting

    Clorox Kills bacteria and viruses in as fast as 30 seconds:

    -Registered to kill germs of high concern
    -Contains hydrogen peroxide, an active ingredient that breaks down into water and oxygen after use
    -Quickly removes soap scum, grease & grime

    Don't Let Germs Take Over the Classroom
    Don't Just Get Rid of the Sweat, Get Rid of the Germs Too

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  • Collapsible X-Cart by Rubbermaid

    The Collapsible X-Cart is a versatile system you can rely on for efficient performance without compromising image. With multiple models to choose from, these easy-to-maneuver basket trucks efficiently transport a wide variety of materials and then conveniently collapse to enable efficient storage to improve organization.  

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  • Disinfectant Wipes to Fight Corona Virus and Flu by Clorox

    CLOROX Disinfecting Wipes are now tougher on germs than ever with:

    9 new EPA-registered efficacy claims, including:
    -Kills bacteria§ in just 10 seconds
    -Kills MRSA
    -Kills the organism that can cause whooping cough
    -Compliant with OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard

    10-second sanitization
    12 allergen-removal claims

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  • Ecore Air Freshener Systems by Spartan Chemical

    Ecore’s multi phasing, submicron fragrance technology ensure that air remains fresh for up to 60 days, guaranteeing happy and satisfied building occupants. It is everlasting and delivers consistent fragrance intensity for 60 days. Environmentally preferable and completely free of solvents, propellants, HFCs and VOCs. It is also economical: No batteries to change, no energy consumption at all. It is efficient, as its submicron particles remain airborne for hours, versus traditional fragrance systems. Lastly, it is easy to use, as it contains no liquids so it won’t spill even if knocked over and replacing refills is effortless—simply recycle and replace

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  • Electrostatic Sprayers and Sanitizing Solutions by Victory

    Professional cordless electrostatic handheld and backpack sprayer. Saves time, saves money and provides better coverage. 

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  • Foodservice Chemical Management Solutions by Proctor & Gamble

    P & G Professional™ can help you create a noticeable clean. With P&G’s 175 years of cleaning experience, P&G Professional has the trusted brands and unique approach to create a tailored, highly efficient program that will delight your patrons and raise your revenue.Your cleaning program isn’t just another line item expense, but rather an investment in your operation’s success. With our trusted brands and unique approach, P&G Professional™ is the partner of choice for thousands of locations including many of the largest and most respected businesses.

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  • Foodservice Wipes to be Used with Your Quat Sanitizer System by Sertun

    Never wonder again if you’re sanitizing hard surfaces properly! New Sertun™ Rechargeable Sanitizer Indicator Towels from ITW Professional Brands will give you unmatched confidence in your sanitizing!

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We have years of experience supplier those in the foodservice industry with the best in janitorial and cleaning supplies. Contact us today for more information about any of our products or services. The Complete Package supplies green janitorial supplies to businesses from Boston to Washington DC to Los Angeles and everywhere in between. Some of our biggest clients reside in states like New York, Texas, and California, but more are popping up, like in both North and South Carolina. We proudly carry a wide-range of eco-friendly supplies and equipment, which can be viewed below.