Coffee & Tea Houses

  • Compostable Cutlery, Hot Cups, Cold Cups, White Fiber Plates, and White Fiber Containers by Stalkmarket

    Stalkmarket® is the leading supplier of 100% compostable plant-based coffee cups, lids, tableware, cutlery and food packaging. The heaviest, most functional line of sugarcane products in the market today. Stalkmarket brand molded pulp is widely considered the industry standard. All natural fiber and GMO free.

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  • C-Thru Display Bags | by Novolex

    Wide-view panel window focuses consumers eye on product to increase impulse sales

    Projects artisan “home-made” appearance which adds to product appeal

    Dubl Fresh® barrier paper controls air flow and locks in freshness when bag is sealed

    Design provides a perfect balance of branding and product visibility for increased sales

    Paper bottom patch seal improves product freshness and bag stability for merchandising

    “Grab-n-go” design can be secured with one hand for improved customer convenience

    Locks in moisture but also controls the airflow to extend the freshness of bakery products when the bag is folded twice and sealed with a label

    Wax-free barrier paper technology also provides a smooth surface to the paper which can improve the look & quality of custom print designs

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  • Custom Takeout Corrugated Boxes, Corrugated Catering Boxes, and Corrugated | Coffee Boxes by PBI Sales

    Hot and Cold beverage containers are made with durable corrugated, one-way containers, no retrieval costs. Easy to fill insulated nylon bag keeps coffee and other non-carbonated beverages hot or cold for 2+ hours.Catering Carriers are decorative for presentation.

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  • Greenware Plant Fiber Blend Containers

    Greenware Plant Fiber Blend Containers are made with a blend of wheat straw and wood fiber. There is no disruption to the food chain with products made from wheat straw. Our wheat straw is grown in Idaho within a 20-mile radius of our manufacturing facility, reducing transportation and emissions and environmental impact. A powerful combination of performance and sustainability, we have the all-natural solution to your take-out needs. Freezer safe, microwaveable and suitable for uses up to 300F.

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  • Kraft & White Paper Grocery Bags by Duro Bag

    Features and Benefits of Duro’s Grocery Bags are strong, durable and completely recyclable. These bags come in a variety of basis weights and sizes to handle basic bagging tasks to the heaviest tasks,such as canned goods or glass bottles.
    Available in white or kraft paper, bags can be custom printed to showcase your customer’s brand or message.

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  • Kraft Viewit Automatic Bakery Boxes | by Boxit
    • High quality boxes
    • Competitive prices
    • Experienced customer service representatives are available to assist you with your order
    • Custom imprinted boxes are available – call for a quote
    • In stock for immediate shipment

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  • LBP Manufacturing Coffee Boxes And Coffee Urn

    Excellent for “drop and go” catering. Eliminates the need to clean, replace or take deposits on non–disposable equipment. Perfect for hot or cold beverages, soups, sauces, etc. Holds heat of hot beverages for up to 3 hours. Custom printing available. Catering and 160 oz Beverage on the Move™ are both made with recycled material and recyclable. Wide Mouth Beverage on the Move™ is made with recycled and post-consumer content.

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  • Moducup Sustainacup Paper Coffee Cups

    Moducup Sustainacup Paper Coffee Cups– Recycled content coffee cups make a better cup of coffee. MODUCUP is rooted in preserving our trees, rather than drinking from them.

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  • Novacart Bakery Packaging

    Our innovative engineering and state-of-the-art proprietary technology, the foundation of our quality products, serves customers from small corner bakeries to large commercial production facilities. We take pride in changing the face of bakery packaging.

    Our product line ranges from baking molds to pastry trays, and we are best known for our bakeable paper packaging. We are constantly improving and expanding our product line, which has led to innovations for the grab-and-go market, complete with snap on lids.

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  • Product Guide By Atlas Paper Bag

    Atlas Paper Bag Co. Ltd. is committed to delivering world-class quality packaging products at competitive prices, while providing our customers with consistently excellent service on budget and on time.

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  • Pulp and Molded Fiber Trays, Bowls and Plates by Huhtamaki

    Huhtamaki is a leading manufacturer of packaging for consumer packaged goods as well as tableware, cups, folding cartons, containers, carriers, trays and serviceware for the foodservice industry and retail market.

    Huhtamaki technologies convert raw materials into finished goods and incorporate the following: shaped paperboard – Paper cups, containers, lids, paper plates and trays, and folding cartons, Molded fiber – Made from recycled materials such as newsprint and paperboard; Select Chinet® molded fiber products are compostable, Plastics – Cups and food containers, bowls, and unique lids with color printed graphics and in-line printing. 



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  • Takeout Packaging | by Kraft PAC

    New to the restaurant supplies market and right on trend with a refreshing natural look, Kraft PAC is a range of high quality food packaging and cups. Made with Kraft material and designed to provide maximum strength and performance, the range includes sandwich wedges, salad containers and ripple wall cups. 

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  • Terrapac Biodegradable And Microwave Safe Packaging by Sabert

    Sabert Biodegradable and Microwave Safe Packaging – fantastic packaging if you are interested in making your food establishment greener!  Not only are Terrapac containers eco friendly, but they look great, and they will present your food in a beautiful manner.  One of my favorite eco friendly lines to date.

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  • Viaggio Double Wall Hot Coffee Cups | by Seda

    Cups That Redefine The Standard

    The Art of Science and Packaging - Designed with a patented air chamber, performance for better handling, quality you can feel, passion you only find from a leader like Seda. Insulated hot cups deliver hot drinks without the need for any exterior support, such as sleeves or double cupping. With patented heat barrier technology and a tight sealing lid, Viaggio™ cups allow beverages to be poured at their optimal temperature for flavor and warmth, so drinks stay hotter, longer.

    Seda Cups Maintain temperature: protect beverage flavor by staying hot longer.

    Stay safe and comfortable to hold: with tight-fitting lids, hot cups won’t leak. They radiate warmth, but won’t burn fingers.

    Deliver the brand: Seda Group’s state-of-the-art printing technology combined with the cups’ high quality materials makes superior printing easily achievable, even for colors that can be challenging to produce. 

    Offer a sustainable choice: Viaggio™ cups are made of fibers from sustainable forests and are fully recyclable* with a range of compostable options.

    Made in the U.S.A.: local availability reduces the customer’s carbon footprint.

    *This product is recyclable in a few communities that have appropriate recycling facilities.

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  • Viora Coffee Cup Lids | by Viora Lid
    • Like you, we’re passionate about our coffee and tea. Yet, we felt frustrated that conventional lids compromised our experience when we ordered a drink to go.
    • So, we designed a lid you’ll love drinking from—a lid worthy of what’s in your cup.
    • The Viora Lid drinks like a cup, unlocks flavor, and eliminates annoying splashes.
    • With a Viora Lid, the lid fades away, and you experience the familiar comfort of an open mug on your lips and the full flavor of your carefully-crafted beverage.

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