Cutlery & Napkin Products

  • 100% Recycled Content Paper Towels | by Bellemarque

    One Towel Will Do It! Bellemarque 100% Recycled C-fold, Multifold, Rolls and Napkins fit standard dispensers.

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  • Compostable Wooden Cutlery By VerTerra
    THESE ARE the most amazing and intriguing utensils you will ever eat with! VerTerra Wooden Cutlery is premium 100% compostable, all natural, single-use wooden cutlery that delivers stunning
    more than plastic.

    FORK - Famous for being able to pierce a raw carrot, its strong tines will not deflect and bend the way plastic tines do.
    KNIFE - The unique serrated blade is strong enough to easily cut steak yet sharp enough to slice a ripe tomato.
    SPOON - Filling the needs of spoons, the VerTerra Wooden Cutlery spoon is strong enough to dig into hard ice cream

    VerTerra is:

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  • Disposable Hammered Cutlery | Catering Collection by Sabert

    Designed to enhance any tabletop setting, Sabert’s new Hammered Cutlery redefines style and design in catering disposables. A unique combination of our classic silver look accented with an intricate hammered pattern, Sabert’s Hammered Cutlery offers the perfect balance of style for casual and formal entertaining.

    Innovative: A stainless steel coating crafted with an intricate hammered pattern

    Performance: Enhanced neck and tine strength offer superior performance

    Versatile: Conveniently disposable and ideal for any occasion
    Aesthetics: A modern, contemporary design enhances any tabletop setting

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  • Georgia Pacific EnMotion Towels And Hand Soap

    Paper towel dispensers and paper towels.

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  • Linen Like Napkin With 40% Post Recycled Content by Hoffmaster

    Linen Like Napkin from Hoffmaster offers an affordable alternative to real linen and a sustainable solution for everyday challenges. 55% recycled fibers,40% postconsumer waste. EPA approved.

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  • Linen-Like Napkin with Dishtowel Design by Hoffmaster

    Linen like napkin with dishtowel design from Hoffmaster offers an affordable alternative to real linen and a sustainable solution for everyday challenges.

    Create an upscale vintage look with dishtowel printed FashnPoint®! Available in Red, Blue and Black patterns. These dinner napkins and Flat Packs™ are perfect for catered events, farm to table, pizzerias and gastropubs.

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  • One-Nap Dispenser Napkins by | Tarzana Enterprises

    One napkin-at-a-time dispensing provides up to a 50% reduction in napkin usage. Its one-at-a-time napkin dispensing design ensures that patrons use fewer napkins and touch only the napkin they use, thus improving personal hygiene. Plus, one-at-a-time dispensing helps decrease consumption, so you will reduce the number of cases you need to store. The ONE Nap is significantly less expensive than domestic interfold brands and increase profit margins for distributors and cut costs for end users. Independent research has proven napkin usage in reduced 50% or more versus usage of smaller tall fold styles & by 30% versus usage of larger standard styles. 

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  • Optiserv Hands Free Dispensing System | by Baywest

    A great automatic hands free system with a number of quality towel options, including eco friendly towels with up to 82% recycled content. If you are interested in color coordinating your bathroom to your restaurants, Baywest offers a number of color options for their dispensers.

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  • Plant Fiber Compostable Caterware | by Wasara


    WASARA tableware is a gorgeous alternative to everyday paper tableware. This highly
    sustainable product is 100% tree-free, made from sugar cane, bamboo, and reed pulp. Easily
    compostable and certified to break down into soil, even in home composting systems, these
    durable tableware pieces are perfect single-use items.

    The WASARA line is a collection of 18 durable pieces that can stand up to sauces and hot
    liquids and look great doing it. Their sculptural shape is pleasing to hold and adds to their

    In 2008 the entire WASARA line was added to the permanent design collection of the
    Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, New York.

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  • SCA Tork Xpressnap® Napkin Dispenser

    The Tork Xpressnap® Napkin Dispenser in Image Design is the ideal solution for contemporary limited and full service restaurants that offer napkins at a central location. Crafted with genuine materials, this sleek dispenser delivers napkins one-at-a-time, improving hygiene and reducing consumption by at least 25% when compared to traditional dispenser napkins. Timeless design in walnut wood complements upscale decors; Compact footprint, minimizes the use of counter space.

    Also available in Aluminum 73350

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The Complete Package is a nationwide distributor of eco-friendly packaging supplies, including cutlery, napkins and paper towels. For more information about our selection of environmentally friendly cutlery and napkins, please contact us today. We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding our product line. When you reach out, we can provide you with some free samples. We are proud of being a distributor of eco-friendly catering supplies to people throughout the USA.