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While I cannot control the economy or greedy CEOs, I'll work hard to give you better prices than your current vendor does for food packaging containers (including eco-friendly food packaging, takeout containers, custom food packaging and custom logo'd cups, bags, napkins etc.) as well as for standard and green janitorial supplies. Over the course of our long-term relationship, I'll show you creative and innovative food packaging containers that can increase sales, decrease cost and improve portion control. These are key to increasing your PROFIT! So please, do not hesitate to contact us today! We specialize in working with customers in the NYC and Manhattan area, but position ourselves to work with clients across the United States.

More Commitment!

In this day and age of get-rich-quick CEOs and employees who don't show up to work without the courtesy of a phone call, it is hard to find people who are dedicated and committed to your business's success. I have been selling food packaging for over 20 years. Some of the most successful food operators from NYC to Washington DC have entrusted me with their food packaging needs. (See comments from purchasers of food packaging containers and green janitorial supplies in the "references" section.)

Less Anxiety!

Let your stress be my stress. Every company or individual makes a mistake from time to time & usually when it matters most! My follow-up on your behalf is the best in the food packaging business. Did we short-ship the containers you need to serve lunch? Did you get that credit for the returned case of napkins? Oh no! You have a huge catering today and someone on your staff forgot to order the plates that you are out of?

David Pokorny serves restaurants and foodservice operations on Long Island and in Manhattan and throughout NYC plus Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC - and everywhere in between. He also serves Miami and other South Florida locations as well as Puerto Rico and Costa Rica

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  • Speedheat flameless food warming system by Sterno

    Sterno SpeedHeat is an instant, flameless food warming system designed to make quick-serve, drop-off catering SAFER, SIMPLER and FASTER. Exceed your customers expectations and increase profits by optimizing your Catering Menu and providing hotter, more delicious food for quick-serve events. Expand your Drop-Off Catering service into locations with open flame restrictions such as Churches, Stadiums, Casinos, Historic Buildings. Instant Heat activates in under 1 minute and keeps food warm for up to 45 minutes. 



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  • Sticky Thermal Paper Labels by Iconex

    Iconex Sticky Media consists of two products in one, receipt paper and a linerless pressure-sensitive label, and provides a solution to efficiently label, identify and track goods all in one product. Customizable to your operations. Costs the same as, or less than, common labeling methods. Extends the cutter life by 67%, because the printer cuts through paper, not adhesive. A restaurant serving 150 orders per day, could save $1600 per store, per year on average. 

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  • Strawless Sip Lid for PET Drink Cups by Amhil

    This unique new design provides you and your customers with options for most cold drinks.

    With a tight seal, crystal clear PET and an innovative drink spout, your customers will enjoy their beverage to the last drop!

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  • The Original Hay! Straw

    Classy (and eco–friendly) stirrin’ and sippin’ of your favorite libation.
    Pairs perfectly with any liquid treat—from kombucha, to cola, to cold brew coffee.

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